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15 February 2015
caustic method

Caustic Method ‘The Virus’ Video On American Horrors!

Tonight 2/15 on American Horrors ~ Caustic Method ‘The Virus’ Video! 8:10PM PST – 11:10 EST!

THANK YOU American Horrors!

From American Horrors:

Thank you for watching American Horrors! It’s ‪#‎SatanicSunday‬ on‪#‎AmericanHorrors‬ today!
We have lots of ‪#‎Satanic‬ movies, shorts, music videos including ‪#‎DANZIG‬and CAUSTIC METHOD!!!
Our channel is ‪#‎free‬, so tune in and enjoy your Sunday!!!
You can watch #AmericanHorrors on Gbox now!!!
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What’s playing today, Sunday February 15th 2015 :
12:06pm PST : horror short : “Snake With A Human Taill” by Spencer Gray!!!
12:41pm PST : music video “Ju Ju Bone” by Danzig!!!!!!
12:46pm PST : music video “Witch in the Window” by Crowned By Fire featuring Malice!!!
12:54pm PST : IT CAME FROM VHS feature : “The Devil’s Wedding Night” (1973)
2:22pm PST : horror short : “Night of the Vampire” by Owen Mulligan!!!
2:36pm PST : IT CAME FROM VHS feature : “Last Rites” (1980)
4:06pm PST : music video “Until You Call On The Dark” by #DANZIG!!!!!!
4:10pm PST : horror short : “Ectoplasm” by The Evil I!!!
4:21pm PST : IT CAME FROM VHS feature : “The Nightmare Never Ends” (1980)
5:48pm PST : music video “The Devil Delusion” by Doomed and Disgusting!!!
5:51pm PST : music video “House of Sin” by Johnny Owns You!!!
5:58pm PST : ANGELA’S TRAILER PARK : “Satanic Sunday Special” by Angela Voorhees Productions!!!
6:23pm PST : IT CAME FROM VHS feature : “Beyond the Door” (1974)
8:05pm PST : music video “Valley of Shadows” by Doyle!!!
8:10am&pm PST : music video “The Virus” by ‪#‎CausticMethod‬!!!
8:16am&pm PST : IT CAME FROM VHS feature : “Land of the Minotaur” featuring Donald Pleasence & Peter Cushing!!! (1976)
9:46pm PST : horror short : “Pawn Hearts” by Joe Saulino!!!
10:02pm PST : 1972 feature film : “The Blood Spattered Bride”
11:46pm PST : music video “Apocalypse Prologue” by Chiildren!!!
11:54pm PST : music video “Everyone Dies” by Society 1!!!
It flips over to ‪#‎MondovisionMonday‬‘s schedule at midnight PST.
Have a great day!!!

Our Channel is #free so please share our link & schedule with other horror fans so they can enjoy too, maybe even save some $$$ on rentals!
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